Gallicus is a range of hybrid products that combines Italian and French cultures through taste and product identity. This Calvados-Citron version mixes apples from Normandy and lemons from the Gulf of Naples to create an intercultural gustatory journey.

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Gallicus is a range of hybrid products mixing French and Italian cultures for a unique intercultural journey through taste and product identity. Grappa from Veneto and genepi from the French Alps come together in this version.

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The Gallicus range mixes French and Italian cultures to create a unique intercultural experience through three products. This version combines cognac from the Charente vineyards with the amaro of spices, botanicals and sweet and bitter oranges from Sicily.

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Gallicus offers a range of hybrid products successfully combining Italian and French cultures. This combination creates a unique and incredible taste experience that allows you to travel across cultural boundaries.

Gallicus' aim is to connect the heritage, history, experience and creativity of France and Italy through a range of three different products. The packaging and the products themselves are designed with 100% French and Italian elements to reinforce the authenticity of the range.

With Gallicus, you can enjoy a perfect blend of French and Italian culture, while exploring the culinary traditions of two of Europe's most beautiful nations.


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In a large balloon or highball glass filled with ice cubes:

• 1/3 Gallicus #1 (50mL)

• 2/3 tonic water (100mL)

Add a zest of yellow lemon.

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In a coupette glass: 

  • 50mL Tequila
  • 30mL French #2
  • 20mL fresh lime juice
  • 10mL cane sugar syrup

Shake all the ingredients and double strain into the glass, garnish half the rim of the glass with salt and a sprig of rosemary.

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In an old-fashioned glass with a large ice cube:

• 30mL Gallicus #3

• 30mL Red vermouth

• 30mL Bitter

Shake all the ingredients in a mixing glass, strain into the glass, garnish with an orange twist.

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